It was when she had heard Catherine's mother Jayne speaking on BBC Radio Bristol for Victim Support about Victim Impact Statements and their importance of having them for sentencing at the end of the Trial and later with Parole Board hearings in reminding the perpetrators of their crimes.


Wednesday 5th December 2013, we met Sue Mountstevens the Police Crimes Commissioner of Avon & Somerset at The Mayor's Parlour, The Guildhall in Chard.

Sue took time out of her busy schedule to come and see us... It was a privilege and an honour to meet and talk to her about Catherine and our experience of the investigation and going to trial.

Sue was very interested in The Catherine Wells-Burr Foundation and our thoughts on Victim Impact Statements.


Avon & Somerset police awarded for 'operation Fascia'


Detective Constable Ziggy Bennett, Paul Green, Detective Constable Jinny Phipps (retired), Chief constable Nick Gargen, Detective Chief Inspector Simon Crisp, Analyst Lyndsey Menear, Detective Sergeant Sim Cryer & Analyst Kate Caulfield.




victim impact statements...

We are backing the Government's new code for every Victims right to read their own Victim Impact Statements to their perpetrators of a horrific crime.

For us to be allowed to read out in court to the defendants who had been found guilty of Catherine's murder we would of been able to address them and 'look them in the eye' would of meant so much to us... Also to The Judge, The Jury, The Barristers, The Public Gallery and The Press, to express our feelings and thoughts of what had happened to 'Our beautiful Catherine' directly.

Our lives as it is now without 'Caf' and how we all have changed and will never be the same ever again! 

our news FOR 2013

Our Victim Impact Statements we spoke of as parents and Leanne as a sister and best friend 'our precious girl', her character the person she really was...the loving, happy, bubbly, funny, caring and kind always trying to help others before herself. In the way she had been taken away from us in the most devastating way. Tainting of her character and personality by setting up of false profiles on websites by Anna Lagwinowicz who was manipulative, cruel and jealous of Catherine. The plotting and planning to kill her over a period of many months...our disgust, betrayal from someone we had welcomed into our family and treated as a son Rafal Nowak. The deceitfulness and devious nature of all three of them.

Nine of the police team from 'Operation Fascia' which helped to convict Catherine's murderers, were honoured by Avon and Somerset Constabulary's Chief Constable Nick Gargan at an awards ceremony.

We would like to congratulate them on their awards. The team dedicated so many hours to Catherine's case to secure the convictions and that they went above and beyond their duty.

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