It was quite windy day that Saturday but watching them fly away was very emotional for everyone...

There was many silent tears remembering beautiful Catherine who was taken away to soon.

The Family and Friends of Catherine who attended the Trial releasing their white balloons for Catherine.

From left to right:

Jackie Ebdon, Aisha Wells-Burr, Sarah Arnold, Philip Wells-Burr, Lourdes Wells-Burr, Jayne Wells-Burr, Kath Ebdon, Leanne Wells-Burr, Bekki Ebdon, Mashreque Meah & Stacey Harris

Rachel in Memphis...


Maria and paul pike from sue's flowers 


Maria and Paul pumping 100 Teal biodegradable helium balloons...

that were bought in Catherine's memory for one year on 'the first anniversary'

It took them nearly two hours to get the balloons ready for their launch.



up, up and away they go...


Family and friends releasing their balloons


Balloon Release - 2013


Rachel Winters was upset that she would miss The Balloon Release that she decide to release her own in the memory of Caf in Memphis where she was on this day.


Rachel had chosen stars and they were released at the same time in the U.S.A as it was here in England.